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Merlin hummed as he cleaned up Gaius' chambers and his own room to the best of his abilities. He had let the older man know that he had a special guest coming. He even made sure he put on his best tunic, best jacket, made sure his fingernails were clean and everything.

He also made sure that the gift he had forged for Ariadne was hidden away out of sight. It was the smaller bundle that he was going to give her at her birthday but seeing her reaction to the book, he had decided to save it for Yule. Perhaps she would like it. Maybe. He wasn't sure. He had asked Leon about it, if women liked that sort of thing. Asked Gwen. They said that it would be lovely.
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When is the soonest that I could come visit? There is...something I'd like to tell you.
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What sort of questions did you have?
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Cold on patrol. But then I think of you and our brief time in Paris and I feel warm again. :) How are your classes?

He was sitting apart from the knights that were huddled together around the fire and kept his book close. Arthur made a passing remark of how much of a girl he was for writing in his little diary. Merlin simply shrugged him off and returned to writing, waiting for Ariadne's response.
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The moon was high and he was pretty sure he had fine tuned the spell to bring him back to right before he left. Hopefully she would be home when he appeared. Merlin took a deep breath and worked his magic.

The next second he found himself crashing towards the floor of Ariadne's flat. "Ow..." he whined, rubbing at his backside. He was there. Fear and slight panic rose in his chest. What if she didn't want to return his feeling? Worse. What if she had a betrothed and...

"Ariadne? It's me...Merlin."

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...from 942 AD. Just so I know whenever anyone asks.

...currently from just after 3.13: The Coming of Arthur Part 2 II
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I do allow fourth walling. However, Merlin will most likely disregard it as some other Merlin (even if the similarities are there).

While I'm on this subject, if Merlin ever interacts with HP-world magic, it will backfire spectacularly. As in he can't do any other world magic. So he can't cast "wingardium leviosa" or "eye of newt" or whatever.
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"Don't worry, Gaius, I'll find my own way to the Yule festivals." Merlin smiled. He waved the old man out of the physician's chambers and huffed a sigh. "All right." He really hoped he can pull this off as he dug around his room for the community book. How was it that he sent the message to other worlds again? ...He could try the spell he'd been using to go about the different worlds. Quickly, he set that book aside and pulled out a scrap piece of parchment.

To Ianto:

Have you found out how many are coming? Please arrive soon.


He rolled it up and bound it with string before his eyes glowed. "Asete thee. Astyre the thanonweard Ianto." he whispered. And in an instant, the rolled up parchment was gone.
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Merlin huffed a small breath as he looked form the community book to his door. Hopefully the new spell he had written for the return would work and he'd come back to just before he left. He slipped off his bed and moved aside the loose floorboard, drawing out the strange amulet. The markings were foreign and etched into a dark metal. He held onto it tightly and closed his eyes.

"Asete ic. Astyre me thanonweard to Hikaru Sulu from the community."

When he opened his eyes again, the room he was standing in seemed blinding white with all sorts of plants surrounding him. There was something...strange about this forest. Something just not real about it. Merlin raised a hand to block his eyes from the harsh lights around him. "Hikaru?" he called out.
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This, Merlin thought, had to be the best part of the job: visiting the schools and getting to know the next generation of wizards and witches. The minister smiled to himself and straightened out the dark blue suit, maroon tie, and his black cloak. Ah...Hogwarts...

He smiled as he walked through the hallways, recounting each cobblestone and waving at each painting. Memories of all sorts. Being in Hufflepuff, being amazed at such a place. Keeping his ability to surpass his fellow classmates a secret while secretly training with Professor Gaius, the potions master at the time.

He hummed the familiar tune under his breath and continued to stroll through the grounds.

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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

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Albus? Albus? You said that school starts on September 1st, correct? Could I ask a favour?

Could you write a note to yourself explaining my visit? I'd love to be able to see James and Sirius and Remus and Lily and see Hogwarts for myself.

I should say, could I visit before asking if you'd write yourself a note...?
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Merlin all but collapsed onto his cot at the end of the day. Today had just left him completely knackered from how Arthur had dragged him all over on his impromptu hunt. Oh...but his bones ached so much. Maybe...maybe he could go visit Remus for a while. Maybe have more of that...chocolate...that he had.

The warlock pushed his face into the threadbare pillow and mumbled the spell. He sighed when he felt the rush of winds around him and the familiar feeling of being thrown forward. Except this time, he landed on his feet the middle of a town he had never seen before.

He swore he concentrated on Remus' world. So hopefully...someone would be able to direct him towards his friend's home. He took a step forward, only to run into someone. "Oh! I'm sorry!"
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You'd think he'd be the Magician...

The High Priestess
The High Priestess is a card of intuition, instinct and hidden knowledge. She knows all your secrets, you can hide nothing from her. Yet you will never know the secrets she herself protects. If well aspected in a Tarot spread, this card can indicate the use of intuition to solve problems; trust to your instincts. If badly aspected, it can mean suppression and ignoring of such instincts - following your head at the expense of your heart.

Merlin's scores:
II - The High Priestess - 81%
XIX: The Sun - 75%
III - The Empress - 69%
XIII: Death - 63%
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Thank God that's over. I still have the carving. Think I'll sell it at the market. Or have them buy it back. Don't think I can look at it anymore.
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