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Merlin shut the community book and safely tucked it into the floorboards. He had to try to see Remus, at least. He wanted to. He quickly brought out a piece of parchment and searched around Gaius' tables for a quill and ink before scribbling a note to Gaius explaining that he went off to Ealdor, that his mother was sick. Satisfied with his quick note, he folded up the small sheet and left it where Gaius could see it.

He had already searched through his own magic book and found a traveler's spell to try. After scribbling down the words onto his hand, he tucked away all of his magic books into the floorboard and stood in his room. One final check that he looked presentable, he read off the back of his hand.

"Asete ic. Astyre me thanonweard to Remus Lupin from the community."

Before long, he felt himself being thrown forward and winds whipping around him. Soon, he could see the ground from very high up. There was a small house below him next to what looked like a forest. Merlin began to panic as he realized he was falling at an incredibly fast speed.

"AH!" he screamed, trying to form all sorts of half remembered spells as well as slowing himself with magic. He managed to slow down his speed enough that he wouldn't be killed when he hit the ground. Instead, he crashed through a couple of trees before landing in a pile before the doorstep.


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