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Merlin hummed as he cleaned up Gaius' chambers and his own room to the best of his abilities. He had let the older man know that he had a special guest coming. He even made sure he put on his best tunic, best jacket, made sure his fingernails were clean and everything.

He also made sure that the gift he had forged for Ariadne was hidden away out of sight. It was the smaller bundle that he was going to give her at her birthday but seeing her reaction to the book, he had decided to save it for Yule. Perhaps she would like it. Maybe. He wasn't sure. He had asked Leon about it, if women liked that sort of thing. Asked Gwen. They said that it would be lovely.

Date: 2011-12-24 01:25 am (UTC)
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After spending a fair amount of time getting ready, Ariadne prepared to worldhop to Camelot. Thanks to plenty of research and shopping, Ariadne has managed to find clothes proper to Merlin's time period and so she wore a dress in a deep burgundy color. In her hand, aside from the worldhopping pocket watch, Ariadne carried a sack with some of her more essential things, along with the gift she had finally decided on for Merlin. Double checking everything she decided she was ready and so made the trip to Camelot. As she usually did, she appeared in Merlin's room.

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He tried to not look like a codfish. Tried. But Ariadne in the deep red gown was a sight to behold. "Do you ever have an off day?" he asked. He felt his face burn when he realised what he said exactly . " look beautiful." Immediately, he pulled her into a hug and kiss. "You smell lovely too," he smiled.

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She laughed a bit, but kissed him back. She may have looked good then, but she hardly woke up that way. "You wouldn't believe how much time it took me to look like this. You should have seen me this morning."

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He twisted a brown lock of hair around his fingers, smiling. "Probably not as bad as you think," he laughed. "Are you hungry? What's that? Gaius said he'd be around for the day. How long can you stay?" he asked. He glanced at the bag she was holding. Was she planning to take things back from Camelot?

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She pressed her index finger against his lips for a moment, but smiled. "One thing at a time, alright?"

Carefully, she placed the bag down by Merlin's bed. "I have plenty of time off right now for the holiday, so I can stay however long you'd like me to."

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He stopped when she pressed her finger against his lips. Merlin chuckled and spun her around. "Well, we could go out, see what the traders have brought in. Not a lot of them have come because of the snow in the north but we could still go outside to see other things. Could go riding. What would you like to do?"


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