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"Don't worry, Gaius, I'll find my own way to the Yule festivals." Merlin smiled. He waved the old man out of the physician's chambers and huffed a sigh. "All right." He really hoped he can pull this off as he dug around his room for the community book. How was it that he sent the message to other worlds again? ...He could try the spell he'd been using to go about the different worlds. Quickly, he set that book aside and pulled out a scrap piece of parchment.

To Ianto:

Have you found out how many are coming? Please arrive soon.


He rolled it up and bound it with string before his eyes glowed. "Asete thee. Astyre the thanonweard Ianto." he whispered. And in an instant, the rolled up parchment was gone.

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Ianto had been surprised to read the parchment, not quite expecting it to just show up like that, but then this was Merlin and considering who Merlin was, well, it wasn't that much of a surprise. Ianto picked up a pen.


Just two, Sulu and I. I'm afraid that I didn't really have that much of a chance between then and now to ask anyone else. Also...arrive how, exactly? Where?

~Ianto J.

Within seconds of finishing his note back to Merlin, the parchment disappeared, presumably back to Camelot.

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He had been pacing until the note reappeared with Ianto's handwriting. Merlin smiled and quickly gathered the potion bottle. He had been working on a spell. Again, another one of his own creations and he had tried it out on himself a few times. Mostly, they worked. The last few trials did at least. He carefully wrapped up the bottle with instructions on the same bit of parchment and sent it on its way:


Make sure you and Hikaru touch this bottle. It should bring you directly to Gaius' chambers. Just a warning, it may make you a bit dizzy.


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The parchment appeared much as it had the first time, only this time it was accompanied by a bottle that magically appeared on the table next to it. Ianto was careful not to touch it, not knowing what it was until he read the letter. He read it aloud to Sulu, who had been waiting with him for a little while then, in preparation for going to this Yule celebration of Merlin's, the two of them agreeing that it sounded sort of like their portkey, and the only thing to do would be to make sure they touched it at the same time. And so, with a nod to each other, and a quick count down from three, the two of them grabbed the bottle together, and were instantly sent hurtling from where they stood in Ianto's apartment to Gaius's chambers, wherever those were. Ianto stumbled, catching himself on a table in front of him. He still wasn't anywhere close to being used to that sort of transportation...

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Merlin stood back as the swirling figures seemed to materialise before him. Gaius' chambers looked very much like a medieval science lab. There were bottles littered everywhere as well as strange smelling liquids, poultices, mortar and pestle, everything. He had pushed one of the longer tables out of the way in anticipation of their arrival.

"Hikaru! Ianto! You've made it!" he laughed. Merlin held up two breeches and tunics out to them. "Here, you'll need these and...maybe need to pretend that you can speak like you're from Albion..."

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Sulu was pretty used to the whole "instant teleportation" thing, so he didn't stagger or stumble so much as shift awkwardly as he regained his balance. The area around him was absolutely ancient and very much alive, and instinct made Sulu want to blend in as much as absolutely possible, to keep from revealing Starfleet to those around them.

Thankfully, Merlin had that all covered, and he took the clothes without hesitation. "Hey, Merlin. Thanks, I didn't exactly have... what are we, 4th century? 5th? Either way, I don't have that kind of gear in my closet."

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Ianto shook his head, taking the clothes from Merlin as well. "Neither did I," he said, "and I'm from a fair amount of time closer to now than he is, and all. It's good that you have these clothes for us, does one speak like they're from Albion, exactly?" he asked, in response to Merlin's suggestion to do so.

"And even more importantly... I won't stand out too much, with my accent, will I?" Ianto asked. "It's not going to be a problem, is it? Because I mean. I can keep quiet, if I need to. It's not, well. Not that much of an issue, or anything..."

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Merlin thought on it. "Well, Ianto, I don't think you'd have much to worry about. Everyone would just think you're from Cymru. There's a few from the western cost in Camelot. Not a lot but a few. And Hikaru...just...uh...I've heard that Albion is called England in the future? Could you try to pretend you have an English accent?" he asked.

"And remember, no one knows about the..." He waved his hand to indicate the magic. "I'll just say you're a few friends of mine from Ealdor that's come to visit me in Camelot for Yule. Um...Gwen will be there. Do your legends talk about Guinevere?" He almost wanted to ask if Gwen would ever be Queen but that would risk everything.

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Sulu shrugged, not thinking about it as he pulled off his shirt to slip on the tunic. Yeesh, it wouldn't hurt them to invent fabric softener, would it? "Sure, I think I can do that." Though now that he was thinking about it, he'd probably just keep quiet unless absolutely necessary. He'd really hate to make an ass of himself. "And as for Guinevere..." He glanced at Ianto - was that something you could really talk about? To Merlin of all people?

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Ianto raised an eyebrow at the thought of Sulu having to fake an English accent. Truth be told, he wasn't sure if Sulu was even good at that sort of thing--he himself had faked an American one, a few times, but. He couldn't remember ever hearing Sulu do anything of the sort. Should be interesting... "Yeah, alright," Ianto said, nodding. "That's good, then."

After a moment's hesitation, Ianto too pulled off his shirt to slip on his own tunic. There wasn't any reason to be hesitant about something like this around the other two, especially not Sulu. Which gave him a moment to think about how exactly to answer Merlin's question, there.

"Ehm, yeah," Ianto said. "There's definitely mentions of her." And that was as far as he was going to talk about it. He didn't want to spoil it all for Merlin, after all. He'd find out in his own time.

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That was enough for Merlin, really. He grinned broadly. "Great! She'll be there. She and I made quite a bit of sweetmeats the other day to pass around for everyone. And I heard the kitchen servants are trying to get the better wines out for tonight so you both are in for a treat." He went back into his little room and grabbed his jacket. "Ready?"

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Sulu was also enough of a military man to have no problem changing into the breeches right there, either, mostly out of the assumption that there wasn't exactly another place to do so. He took a moment to take the cloth-wrapped pocket watch out of his pockets and tuck it away, shooting the other two a look. "Just in case we need to make a quick getaway," he said. After all, he was really used to these things going very bad, very fast. "And try not to leave us alone for too long, okay Merlin? I don't think that'd end well. I'm completely foggy on history at this point, so I could very well mention something that hasn't happened yet. Not to mention your history is different from ours."

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Ianto hurried into his breeches as well, fastening the belt securely, looking over at Sulu as he tucked the watch in his clothes with him, nodding in agreement with him. "Good idea," he said quietly. God knows how the crowd would react, if for some reason they found out that the pair of them were anything different than what they were going to pretend to be. "I'd rather not be thrown in any sorts of dungeons, if they start suspecting us, or anything..."

He turned to Merlin, too. "Yeah, I... I mean, I've lived in England and Wales all my life, but. They don't really have all that good a record of what all went on here, aside from the legends, which are..." He struggled to find a way to express it. "Well, somewhat lacking in everyday life situations, I suppose."

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"Well, that's where the excuse of you both being from Ealdor come in." Merlin smiled. "There's no way the day to day happenings here would reach there so quickly other than my letters and I'm...not so great in writing letters. mother's name is Hunith best friend growing up is Will. Other than that, just make up whatever you'd like or follow whatever I say...?" He thought on it. What else did he need to tell them..."Oh and watch out for Mary and Griselda. They...get handsy after a pint or so."

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"Stick to what you say and stay away from drunk women?" Sulu grinned and shook his head, brushing his hands over the tunic. "Sounds easy enough." Actually, it sounded pretty much like any party he'd been to in the last few years. He glanced over at Ianto, still grinning a bit, glad to see the other able to walk around and participate in these kinds of things. He'd have to get McCoy something to show his thanks.

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" 'handsy', you mean...?" Ianto asked Merlin, raising an eyebrow. "You do realize that you're going to have to point these two women out to us, now that you've said that, right? Or at least to me. I'd prefer not to be groped by any sort of strange women here on my first time visiting, if I can help it."

"Hunith and Will, though. From Ealdor. Right... I can remember that much," he said, repeating the names, putting them to memory. "Is there any sort of...I don't know, Yule sayings or celebrations that we should be knowing about, then, too? I mean, even if we are supposed to be foreign visitors, there's got to be some culture norms across the map here. I just want to make sure I've got them right..." Ianto went on, fretting and excited at the same time, although he didn't miss Sulu's grin at him, smiling back reassuringly. It wasn't hard to guess what Sulu was thinking, when he looked like that, after all. And he had Merlin to thank for that, too. He reached up, unconsciously putting a hand to the amulet, under his tunic, making sure it was safely hidden. It really wouldn't do to have someone spot and recognize it, after all.

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"Um...yes. Mistletoe. Don't worry, you'll be fine." Merlin gave them both huge grins before opening the door that separated Gaius' chambers from the rest of the world. "You should be able to travel home soon when we return oh and...don't...say anything about the singing..." Merlin coughed a bit and gave them an embarrassed smile. "Gwen and Arthur tell me that I can't hold my liquor so well..."

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"Really?" Sulu grinned at Ianto, remembering a similar comment by Jack some time earlier. Must've been a European thing - he sure as hell didn't start singing when he got drunk. He just got chatty. "I promise to keep my comments to a minimum, so long as you don't let me drink too much."

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Ianto noticed that grin, unaware that Jack had already shared the information that he had a tendency to start singing if ever he started to get really piss drunk, but willing to bet that that was the case. "We'll try to keep an eye on you, Lieutenant," he said, sending a look at the other man in response to the grin, "but I can't make any sort of promises here..." Especially if he was going to grin at him like that. Damn Jack and his big mouth...

He turned back to Merlin. "Sorry. What were you saying about mistletoe, there, exactly?"

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"Um, if you're caught under it, you need to kiss the person next to you. Not that big of a deal, sometimes, they try to get a few ladies under it or a few men under it and...well...unsavoury men, who are involved with each other." Merlin stuttered a bit. "Last year, they've tried to put me and the stable boy together." He made a face. "it wasn't pleasant."

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Sulu gave Merlin's shoulder a friendly pat, almost sympathetic because seriously, he couldn't imagine being under the mistletoe with anyone who worked in a stable to be much fun. "Okay, so on top of staying away from drunk women, keeping my mouth shut and faking an accent, I should watch out for hanging plants too. Got it."

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Ianto shot Sulu his own grin. "Shouldn't be too hard. At least, not the plants part. Can't say I know a lot about your ability to fake an accent or to defend yourself against drunk and handsy women, as it were, but I know for a fact that you're good with plants. And hey, at least all these plants will be doing is hanging. We just have to look out for them, is all. Considering some of the plant life you deal with in your lab, should be a cakewalk, for you at least."

"Thanks for the warnings, Merlin," he said, turning his smile to the other man. "I'll try not to get caught under any greenery with any of the more unsavory characters that'll be there, if I can help it."

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"Yeah, at least mistletoe isn't likely to eat you," Sulu laughed. After all, that would just make this a lot more like a party in the botany lab at the Academy, rather than a... whatever-century Christmas celebration. Yule, he reminded himself.

"Alright, Merlin, I think you've got us as prepared as we can get with this kind of thing. I'll make sure to talk more like you guys, but now I really want to see how quick we can get you drunk and singing." Sulu was not, of course, above teasing his friends when the situation called for it.


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