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Merlin huffed a small breath as he looked form the community book to his door. Hopefully the new spell he had written for the return would work and he'd come back to just before he left. He slipped off his bed and moved aside the loose floorboard, drawing out the strange amulet. The markings were foreign and etched into a dark metal. He held onto it tightly and closed his eyes.

"Asete ic. Astyre me thanonweard to Hikaru Sulu from the community."

When he opened his eyes again, the room he was standing in seemed blinding white with all sorts of plants surrounding him. There was something...strange about this forest. Something just not real about it. Merlin raised a hand to block his eyes from the harsh lights around him. "Hikaru?" he called out.

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Sulu had been using his PADD to respond to comments, unabashedly keeping his distance from Jack and staying in his botany lab. He knew that the other man was right, really. That this was just - this wasn't going to end well, he was just going to get hurt worse, but he couldn't let it go. He had to try, at least once, before giving up. And, though Eris had initially replied to his plea, Merlin was by far more trustworthy.

He heard Merlin's voice call out from two rows away and tucked his PADD away before moving down the aisle between the back shelves and the tables lined up inside the room. He wished he could summon up something more friendly than the weak smile he forced on his face, but it was hard. "Merlin?" he asked, even though he recognized the other instantly. Noticing that the glare was throwing the other off, he quickly called out for the lights to dim, letting them drop to 70% of their usual power. "Sorry. It's mid-day for the plants, they like their sunlight."

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Merlin couldn't help but gawk. "Hikaru, you said that there wasn't magic in the future..." He grinned widely. "That was magic. It just had to be." But he sobered up quickly. "Hikaru, what I offer is very dangerous. It plays with life and death." he pleaded earnestly. "According to the Old Religion, well, I already told you on the community. You need to be very sure about this..."

He held onto the amulet tightly. "I bargained with life and death once. And the results...well..Hikaru, I need to know that you're sure. This amulet and spell seems a lot more direct than what I had to go through."

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Sulu allowed himself to smile just a little bit more earnestly at Merlin's reaction to the lights, though he supposed an explanation would have to wait until... until after things were better. For better or worse.

He nodded at what Merlin was saying and made no effort to reach out for the amulet the other was holding on to - he didn't want to seem eager. Even if he was. Because, if this worked...

"I know," he said, slowly. "Believe me. I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm not going to do anything with it unless Jack - the other person I'll need for this - is sure it'll be okay, only if he's willing to try." He knew that sounded bad, but he wasn't going to take it back or explain it. He knew that Jack kept his immortality to himself as much as possible. "I'm not going to let it get away from me."

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"And Jack willingly offers his life for whoever this is you want to save?" he asked. He trusted Hikaru. Knew that he wouldn't use magic for means that would result in harm to others.

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Sulu nodded, chewed his lip and then threw it out there: "And then he comes back, because Jack can't stay dead." And it was true. If being torn limb from limb wasn't going to kill him, then a stupid magic amulet wouldn't be able to, either. "He has life enough for it. He would've - he could've helped, if he hadn't been dying too, back when. When Ianto died." He nearly winced saying it, because he just. He refused to accept it. Believe it, know it, yes, but accept it? Never. "I'm not going to pick someone at random, and I know Ianto wouldn't be able to live with the idea of his life costing someone else theirs."

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"All right, Hikaru. Just...if anything goes wrong, you need to let me know right away." He held up the amulet, letting the dark stone dangle as he stared at it intently. Gold washed over the blue of his eyes as he wove the spell.

"Forthbiouman, ealrnaegen ae calic. Animan ae hine, eƔdan ae elcor."

The dark stone suddenly glowed a brilliant gold, practically living in its ancient magic. Carefully, Merlin held out the leather chord that it dangled on. "The one who's giving his life has to actually give his life. He needs to be sacrificed while wearing the amulet. Only after he's passed on can the amulet be taken off and then given to Ianto."

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Sulu couldn't help but be enthralled by the sudden change in Merlin's eyes, and the spell, which wasn't translated by the on-ship translators. Which meant it was ancient enough a language to not have it on hand.

He took the amulet from Merlin, nodding. Sacrifice. All right. "And... And it's not like a... half-life or some undead life or something, is it? I mean, I can't expect you to know, but... Educated guess? Because I'm pretty sure Ianto would kill me if I made him into a zombie." The joke came almost accidentally, as just the act of having a potential way to fix what the 456 had ruined filled him with a sense of hesitant relief.

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The warlock stared at Hikaru for a long moment before posing the obvious question:

"What's a zombie?"

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Unable to help himself, Sulu laughed a little, the first time he'd done that in a week. "Right, different century - it's. The walking dead. No breathing, no thought, just shambling around. Mindless." He chewed his lip. "I really don't want to deal with that sort of resurrection. Neither will Jack. Or Gwen, for that matter."

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"You mean like a wraith?" Immediately, he began to panic. "But...if wraiths exist here--you'll need to get Arthur, then Excalibur." Merlin immediately pushed his fingers through his hair, feeling the panic escalate. "I can't believe I just threw it into the lake!"

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Sulu reached out and put a hand on Merlin's shoulder, giving him a light shake. "No, they don't actually exist here. It was just a question. Don't worry about it, Merlin. There aren't any wraiths."

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He let out a sigh of relief before smiling at Hikaru. "No, magic doesn't work like that. It's very specific. the spell and the intent of the amulet...just be very careful. And call on me as soon as anything goes wrong. If anything goes wrong."

Merlin looked around a bit. "Although, if you're able to dim such bright candles like that, you may not need my help. ...Is this the Enterprise you've spoken of?"

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Sulu was certain that nothing would go wrong. Really. He had to be, because he was going to have to explain this to Jack, and he needed to be certain for him.

He managed to smile a little more earnestly, now, tilting his head in a gesture for Merlin to follow him as he went to the back table, folding the amulet up in a towel. He didn't want to have to explain it to anyone he passed. "This is my botany lab, where I keep all my plants. The lights are just on a vocal recognition pattern - it's all science, no magic." He looked at Merlin. "I promise, when I'm. When things are better, I'll give you a full tour and try to explain everything as best I can."

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He gave an easy smile. "Maybe. Or perhaps your captain wouldn't mind showing someone from...a really long time ago around. But we'll discuss that later." Merlin moved and gave Hikaru a reassuring hug. "It'll be all right." He pulled back. "I've got to get back. Arthur's socks need washing." Merlin made a face. "But...good luck."

He stepped back enough so he wasn't running into anything before clearing his throat, his eyes taking on an unearthly golden glow again. "Hamsithian me to aer ic utfaer." And with a whirlwind, he was back in his room in Camelot, watching himself disappear. "That's...going to need some getting used to."


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